10 Most In-Demand Skills for Filipino Freelancers in 2019

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These are the most in-demand skills for freelancing in the Philippines. We will show you what skills/sectors that are getting the most hires for Filipinos. And also the ones that are most compensated as well.

We’ll help you in choosing which skills to develop and which ones provide the best opportunity for career growth.

The 10 Most In-Demand Skills for Filipinos

One of the most in-demand skills for Filipino freelancers is programming. Companies are using more and more software these days, meaning that good programmers are in high demand.

Jobs are now beginning to disappear and are being replaced with software, but these programs still need to be developed. Because of this, programmers have a good future ahead of them.

Programming is followed closely by graphic design. Filipinos are in high demand because they have appropriate bachelor degrees, and some have post-graduate qualifications as well.

English writing is another skill which is highly rated. English is the joint first language in the Philippines and most Filipinos have perfect English. You can get jobs writing blog posts, emails, and articles, and there are plenty of agencies offering this type of work such as Truelancer and Guru.

Many Filipinos have SEO skills, which are in high demand. These skills are very important for a client who wants to direct traffic to his or her website.

The Philippines has overtaken India as the call center hub of the world. Filipinos are very good on the phone and speak English without an accent so they can be understood easily.

They are polite, considerate, and they also keep calm in a pressurized situation. This is certainly a skill which can lead to plenty of job opportunities.

Social media skills are also in high demand. If you don’t have the time to update your social media accounts, hire a Filipino freelancer. 47 million people in the Philippines have a Facebook account, which is about 43% of the population.

You can trust a Filipino to post such things as updates, product launches, and promotions on your social media site.

There are many Filipinos who have Wordpress skills. Wordpress is useful if you want to set up blogs or other websites, and people with this skill are likely to get work.

General administrative skills are also important. Many businesses haven’t got the time to deal with emails, preparing online meeting minutes, project management, and so on. This is where a virtual assistant comes in very handy.

Accountancy and bookkeeping are skills which are also highly rated. Every business needs to keep accounts and why pay a fortune to someone in your own country when you can hire a similarly qualified Filipino at a fraction of the cost.

The final top ten skill is telemarketing, otherwise known as cold calling. Filipinos speak perfect or near-perfect English so are excellent for this role. They are polite and friendly which is an added bonus.

Why Should You Learn These Skills?

The answer to this question is easy. A whole new world of job opportunities will be opened up for you. To be successful you should expect to have the same qualifications as a person working in the same job in an in-house team.

If you are straight out of university, your basic skills may get you your first job. Once you have some work experience you can apply for the better jobs.

To get a job as a programmer, you generally need a degree in computer science, math, or physics. If you are interested in becoming a programmer, taking such a degree will open doors for you in the software world.

There are almost 7,000 profiles of Filipino programmers on Onlinejobs showing that many freelancers are well trained in this field. Even more specifically, on the same site, there are about 2,500 Filipinos who are skilled in PHP programming, and this is just from one agency. Other skills which are called for include.

NET, Visual Basic, JAVA, C++, and C#. It is difficult to find IOS developers in the Philippines, so if you do have this skill you should find it relatively easy to get an assignment.

To become a graphic designer you need a bachelor’s degree or even post-graduate education. It is important to get these qualifications because you will be up against people who have got them and they will be more likely to get the job.

Be warned though. Many colleges require their students to take a graphic design class regardless of their major, but this does not make you a graphic designer. You need to major in the subject.

If you want to apply for a job writing, you need to be certain that your English is perfect both in spelling and grammar. Take extra classes if needed to give you a good chance of getting and keeping the assignment.

In this day and age, SEO is very important to businesses and if you have this skill you will be sure to get work. Most importantly, you need to understand keyword research and know about software applications.

Call centers are the top outsourcing industry in the Philippines, and while some people in the west look down on this type of work, in this country, it is considered to be a valued job.

To get a position in a call center you need to speak English well and have excellent customer service skills. This is rarely a problem with Filipinos. They have a good presence on the phone and are good listeners and considerate.

Opportunities also arise doing email customer service. Good written English language skills, which most Filipinos have, is a bonus. In addition, customer service can be done through Skype and the Filipinos excel at this because of their pleasant nature.

Telemarketing needs similar skills to call centers so make sure that your English is perfect. There are plenty of opportunities in this field, but you will need to be hard-skinned as cold calling can irritate potential customers.

Social media skills are usually self-taught, so if you enjoy Facebook, Twitter, etc. apply to take over a company’s social media sites. In this way, you can turn a hobby into a paying job.

Filipinos love social media and it is interesting to note that they have broken records on various sites.

They have even found ways to sell using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other such sites.If you have trained as an accountant, it is good policy to go into freelancing as you will probably earn more money than working as an in-house employee or even for yourself.

There are many freelance jobs in this field so it is worth considering if you are looking to expand your career.

What is the Hiring Rate for Filipinos?

The hiring rate for Filipinos is very high. There are over 1.5 million freelancers in the Philippines and this number is growing all the time. The largest number of freelancers are aged between 25 and 34 and are mostly female. The most popular job is as a virtual assistant

What Can You Earn?

The salary for someone who works in, for example, a shop or fast food outlet in the Philippines can be as little as $100 a month. If you have qualifications, the average wage if you work in-house is just $220, so going into freelancing, where you can earn more, makes a lot of sense.

The salary for Filipino programmers is less than you would pay in say the US or the UK because their cost of living is so much cheaper. Generally speaking, an entry-level programmer from an average school gets $350 and from a top school, $450 a month.

An experienced programmer gets between $600 and $900, a very experienced candidate, between $1000 and $1500, and a project manager, between $1,500 and $2000.

Graphic designers can earn $300 if they come from an average school and $400 - $450 from a top school.

Experienced graphic designers can earn $600 - $900, very experienced, $1000 -

$1500, and project managers, $1,500 -$2000.

An average salary for a call center worker or a telemarketer is $340 a month, while in places like Quezon City and Makati in Manila, you can earn as much as $500 a month.

In Cebu, which is the economic center of central Philippines, a secretarial assistant can be hired for $400 a month which is a 25% drop from Manila.

However, it is still much higher than the minimum wage in the country. Here in Cebu, you will find more universities than anywhere else in the Philippines which means that there is a highly educated workforce at your fingertips.

There is a difference between project based rates and full-time rates. Full-time rates are lower because the jobs last for a longer period of time.

What is the Feedback from Freelancers and Clients?

Many Filipino freelancers have realized that working online is the best option to earn a higher wage. Yes, they have to give up benefits such as holiday pay and medical insurance, but if their income exceeds traditional jobs they are in a win-win situation.

They can earn enough money to contribute to government services. Filipino workers strive for excellence and this is appreciated by the client. They know that they are getting dedicated and hard-working staff. They can handle tedious tasks without complaint, are flexible, and are willing to learn new skills.

Freelancers like clients who don’t micromanage and who will coach them. One of the most important factors is that the client pays on time. They also like to be motivated and given the opportunity to think for themselves.

Clients know that Filipino freelancers have an excellent command of the English language which is a bonus in a world where English is spoken widely.

They also know that many Filipinos have had good training from the BPO industry and have learned how to interact with people who have different cultural backgrounds. Many freelancers have experienced a variety of jobs before settling on a specific skill.

Clients also know that Filipinos can easily be trained and have good communication skills. They are impressed by their knowledge of technology and the fact that they are among the first in the world to get access to apps and units.

Clients are impressed by the amazing work ethic Filipinos have. They are efficient and trustworthy as well as being creative. There are many awesome freelance graphic designers as well as photographers, writers, and digital artists.

One downside with Filipino freelancers is their culture of obedience. They don’t like to be thought of as brash so they often don’t express their ideas to their clients. In addition, they can feel that they don’t deserve the same pay rates as other countries because they live in a third world country. This can result in good potential being wasted.

Is there an Opportunity for Career Growth for Filipino Freelancers?

If you are a freelancer, your career is in your own hands. It is important to develop your skills if you want to move forward in whatever profession you are interested in. You need to set aside a time to review your progress and goals.

Think about where you want to be in a couple of years’ time. Do you just want more money or is having an interesting job more important?

There are many things that you can do to advance your career as a freelancer. Improve your language skills, take skills test from employment agencies, enroll in a part-time course to fit around your working hours, or go back to school and earn another degree. All this will enable you to apply for higher-skilled jobs.

There is plenty of scope for career development as a programmer or graphic designer. If you start at the bottom and continue progressing, you will eventually become a project manager.

What Does the Future Look Like?

What Does the Future Look Like?

At the moment the future looks bright for Filipino freelancers. More and more companies all over the world are using freelancers and this is set to rise. Many Filipinos go into freelancing as a start to their career, expecting to get a full-time job, but this is happening less and less and freelancing has become their full-time job.

The demand for freelancers has given rise to a lot more low-paid jobs, but the higher paying assignments are still out there. You just have to sift through the jobs available to find the pay you deserve. This may take time, but it is worth it in the end.

More small businesses are starting up which is a great thing for freelancers. These businesses often don’t have the money to hire in-house staff, so they turn to the freelance market.

Companies often prefer to hire freelancers as they don’t have to pay benefits such as healthcare and holiday pay. This is a risk for the freelancer, but in the Philippines, they are paid more than in-house employees so can still lead a good life with all the modern conveniences they want.

The only thing that may reduce the number of jobs in the long term is the rise of artificial intelligence. Robots are taking over a lot of jobs already, but this would be the same if you worked full-time in-house.


Ok, let’s recap! We have now shown you the 10 most in-demand skills for Filipino freelancers in 2019.

Use this as a guide to help you choose what skills you need to develop in order to further your career AND earn a decent if not, above average income.
Now it’s up to you!



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