7 Great Online Jobs In the Philippines

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There is a plethora of available online jobs in the Philippines and has really taken off. Many companies in the US and Europe are using Filipino workers as well as their own in-house staff.

There are a lot of reasons for this. Firstly, Filipinos don’t need a large salary.  The cost of living is low in the Philippines when compared to most countries in the Western world. You won’t be exploiting them because Filipinos can still live well on the salaries they receive.

Secondly, most Filipinos are well educated with a degree or higher so they can bring a lot of knowledge with them.

Thirdly, many Filipinos speak perfect English without an accent so if they work in a customer-based situation they can be understood without any problems.

So what are the advantages of working online in the Philippines?

First, you can earn more money. If you work from home your only expenses will be power and the internet. Secondly, you will be less stressed as you won’t have to fight through traffic or sit on a crowded train or bus.

If you have children you can spend more time with them as you won’t have to add commuting to your daily schedule. Of course, you may still have to go into an office if you are taking on certain jobs, for example, a customer service representative. However, working for an outsourced company will still pay more than working for a Filipino company so it is a win-win situation.

So what are the best online jobs in the Philippines? Here we will guide you through our choices.

1.Virtual Assistant

What is a virtual assistant? Basically, it is someone who can handle secretarial, administrative, and clerical tasks. Small businesses are always on the lookout for virtual assistants who can take on these roles, and if you get a job in this field it is worth hanging on to.

You need to have good communication skills, be proficient in English and know your software basics. You will be asked to take on tasks such as making out reports, spreadsheets, proposals, contact management, website development, and graphic design.

Foreign businesses are keen to employ Filipino workers because of the advantages they bring. They help to increase the rate of productivity, improve the quality of work, and reduce the cost of the operation.

The friendly nature of the Filipinos and their neutral accents are a great incentive for businesses to take on Filipino workers.

Virtual assistants are usually hired on a part-time basis which means that you can take on more than one job at a time and so increase earnings. The average rate of pay is US$3 although the more experienced workers can earn US$5 to US$7.  It is reasonably easy to take on two or three clients at the same time and work a normal week of 6 to 8 hours a day Monday to Friday.

All you need to set yourself up as a VA is a computer, a good internet connection, headphones, and a microphone. Then you are all set to go.

2.Web Designer

Web Design is very much in demand in the Philippines. If you can believe it, not all businesses have a website; in fact, a lot don’t. However, people are catching on to the fact that a website can play an important role in the success of their business.

So many people have smartphones these days so they can continually have access to the web.

There are two ways you can go if you decide that you want to be a web designer. If you are good at design you will want to start with front-end development. If you are better at problem-solving and creating databases, you will want to deal with back-end development. Front-end development includes such things as Photoshop and Wordpress, while back-end includes HTML, PHP and Java.

This job is interesting because things change quickly and you will be learning on the job so to speak. You will need to have a passion for learning and be adaptable and flexible.

Some people teach themselves web design, but it is better that you take a formal course as that will increase your chances of employment.

The average pay for a web designer is USD$5 an hour, but it can rise with experience.

3.Digital Marketer

Traditional marketing is still used, but is it efficient? How many people actually watch advertisements or read flyers which are given to them?

Digital marketing is much more efficient. It uses online tools to market and promotes the products on offer. They are neither intrusive nor expensive to run.

To be a digital marketer you just need familiarity with web design and analytics, SEO experience, social media marketing, and content marketing.

The pay for this job is usually around USD$5 or a fixed price for the project.

4.Blogging and Writing

It has been proved that companies with blogs have around 97% more inbound links that companies who don’t blog. In a survey, 61% of consumers said they made a purchase because of a blog and 81% believe that what the blogs say is true.

Blogging isn’t considered to be a core function in a company, so many businesses outsource. This is a great opportunity for people with excellent English and knowledge of SEO. Keywords are important if you want your blog to be found online. In addition, you need to be able to write innovative and exciting copy to keep the attention of your readers.

To be a good blogger, you should read blogs written by other people. This is important as you need to know the kind of style and tone used in blogs. Practice every day; perhaps blog on one of your social media accounts before applying for a job. It is also a good idea to have your blogs proof-read by someone you know well and will give you an honest opinion.

The pay is usually US$0.1 per word, rising to US$0.2 as you get more experienced. Once you have been blogging for a while, you will probably be able to write 3 blogs a day.

Another opportunity in this field is to work as a writer. You could write anything for a client, both fiction and non-fiction. E-book writers are in high demand and a lot of topics can be covered here. Perhaps you could be asked to write about cookery, pets, or psychology. The rate of pay is higher than what a blogger gets, mainly because of the amount of research that has to be done to write an e-book. On average the pay is US$0.15 and e-books start at 3,000 words.

5.Customer Service Representative

Many foreign companies are using Filipinos as customer service representatives because of their friendly nature and their neutral English accent.

Keeping your customers happy is of prime importance to companies. They want to keep their customers so that they buy from them again. It’s not only about getting new customers.

To become a customer service representative you need to have the ability to chat in a relaxed manner to the customers, be adept at writing emails and have good communication skills.

You may be asked to work in an office or you can work from home. If working from home you will require a good internet connection and the ability to use such programs as Skype and Slack. The rate of pay is usually US$3 per hour.

6.English Tutor

There is a distinction between tutor and teacher. A teacher is someone who has taken a degree in teaching at a university, while a tutor has not been to university, but has taken relevant courses, such as Teaching English as a Foreign Language. To teach English as a foreign language you need a great command of English. However, there are jobs out there teaching geography, history, science, and more, so the opportunities are enormous.

Filipino English tutors are in high demand, especially with clients from China, Japan, and Taiwan.

To work part-time, i.e. approximately 4 hours a day, you could earn US$ 335 per month, but you could double this if you decide to work full-time.


A transcriber is someone who puts audio files, shorthand, and other abbreviated forms into proper sentences. Of course, to do this you must have perfect English, which most Filipinos do have. Going to transcription classes also helps.

There are three different types of transcription; general transcription, production transcription, and medical transcription. Beginners usually start with general transcription which involves transcribing meetings, voice mail, interviews, and phone calls. Video files are usually transcribed by production transcribers. To be a medical transcriber, you will need to have some medical skills.

This is a great job to do from home as it’s usually a stress-free environment. You can earn around US$0.04 per line and if you have the time, it wouldn’t be difficult to transcribe 1,000 lines a day once you had got into the swing of things.


As we have said there are many benefits of an online worker in the Philippines. If you work from home you can plan your working day yourself. If you prefer to work in the afternoon or evening, you won’t have to get up too early. If you have children, you can work while they are at school and still take them there and pick them up. You won’t have to face traffic every day or get on crowded buses or trains. This will all lead to less pressure on you and your stress levels will go down. If you get an online job which requires you to go into an office, you will still be assured of a better salary and you may be able to work shifts.

All in all, it’s an exciting time for outsourced Filipinos and things can only get better in 2019.  


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